Swiss Replica – IWC for You!

In this year SIHH, IWC has two home-made movement, in addition to some regular watches. And here we have a latest IWC Portuguese Perpetual Calendar with a IWC home-made movement which was launched in 2015 SIHH. In the coming years, IWC will have more new movements.

Five Year Development

It took five years for IWC to develop this new watches. Being different from developing Perpetual calender watches, IWC has no experience that it could refer to. The brand new 52850 automatic movement is a good choice because this new movement could provide more torque with its two big barrels to drive three counters. What’s more, after fully winding, the barrels can offer 7 days energy. Five years development proves to be a great success. IWC once again prove that it has the capability to develop high-end watches, and adds a practical function to the high-end watches.

replica watches usa

replica watches usa

Now IWC are seeking for big size case such as Aquatimer and Pilot, so when putting the new movement into production, it must be big and reliable. What’s more, new types of movement are different from other movements in polishing. lorentine Ariosto Jones, founder of IWC said that it has the idea of producing watches in large scale. And in order to achieve that, the new movement will be different from Grenhen and La Chaux-de-Fonds movements in aesthetic sense. They have their own polishing skill, such as golden oscillator and blue stainless steel, but they have the same industrial background. Some brands pays much more attention to the movement while that is nor the key things in IWC developing new movements, and too much affected polishing will go the contrary too far.

Apart from the latest works launched in 2015 SIHH, IWC also has so many classic watches that worthy your buying, and you can just buy your own according your situation.