The dial plate of Rolex Daytona watches

16The dial plate has a three-eye litter Divers Bezel which is black face and white circle; At first glance this equipment is really strange and not graceful. Of course, this watch also reflect the inflexible and massive of rolex daytona replica family. Maybe this called “Big vulgar is big elegance”.

The three-eye white loop is concentric Radiation striate and has dazzling metal color; and the whole is lower than black dial, the quoits with tiny text and scale. At the location of 3 o’clock has a time plate, 9 o’clock has a minute plate and the 6 o’clock has a second plate, at the location of second circle printed with a loop of red word – fake rolex daytona. This action makes the classical of black and red deduction to the extreme. Understated and graceful;

The typeface of dial plate is very rarefied, NO matter the Song typeface of “ROLEX” or the standard Function description, the watch disk is really clean and clear. At this disk surface which has bad hygroscopic property the character was pointed meticulous and no ink overflowed. The length of second hand is about 18.5mm, thin and sharp. The head is arrow sharp and the tail is prismatic sharp, after polishing make this watch looking more dazzling.

Between the ring gasket and the panel has some space but you can’t find the margin. At the surface of ring gasket encircle five group of “Rolex” Laser Inscription. And this word’s distribution is relatively uniform, the upward side is crown mark and the downward side is Digit code” The content is correspond to the card. The lettering of 116520 is finer than 116610.